LLNN – Loss – LP


sludge / doom

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Dánský hrubý sludge / doom. Parádní album!

LLNN have that same raw, vile, cold and crushingly destructive energy that I found so attractive as a teenager slowly getting involved with hardcore punk, that made me love bands like Rorschach, Groundwork, Neurosis, Absinthe, Unbroken or Breach.

LLNN’s sound is so dense and overwhelming that I was surprised to learn that they are a fairly new band, formed in Copenhagen in 2014 – but the members are veterans in the local hardcore and metal scene, and have played in internationally touring bands like THE PSYCHE PROJECT. It is this experience that comes with the awareness that the true power of heaviness lies in simplicity: in reducing a musical idea to its (hard) core, to its essence, rather than overloading songs with trivial details that would only blur the mix.

One of the unexpected and outstanding elements on „Loss“ are the apocalyptic wave synths, which take you on a journey back in time, back past NEUROSIS” „Souls At Zero“ era into the early 80s. „It took us 7 months to find the right synths for the vision we were after“, comments drummer Rasmus Sejersen. „My brother and I saw a lot of 80s sci-fi flicks to get into the right mood. It was a great creative period. We are very close.“


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