CONAN – Monnos – LP


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Triumphant, crushing heavy metal from the revered UK doomlords Conan. 

Heavy/Doom Metal band Conan is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Jon Davis, and was formed in Liverpool in 2006 initially as a two-piece act (later evolving into a trio).

Monnos was the band’s debut full length release – originally released in 2012 – and showcased Conan’s propensity for sprawling epics featuring relentless down-tuned walls of overpowering Doom. The hypnotic and monstrous riffs are backed up by minimalistic lyrics conjuring formidable scenes of dark mythical lands and fierce battle, all narrated with Davis’ ominous vocal menace. The track Battle in the Swamp was reworked from an early demo and re-recorded for the release.

LP edition on 180g heavyweight audiophile vinyl. 

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