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Prank Records. Blasting, metallic hardcore from the Border of San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico, Bumbklaatt has remained a constant of the Californian and Mexican punk scene since their formation by former members of Chicken Farm and Run For Your Fucking Life in the early 2000’s. Empassioned screams swap hard and fast with guttural growls over rocking guitar leads, crushing riffs, and a ferocious hardcore pummelling ignited by speeding drum blasts. Following several well received EPs, this debut album was originally released by the band in a small edition sold primarily at shows. For the first time in general distribution, this deluxe vinyl edition of “Luctus” on Prank features the full-cover artwork by drummer Adrian Balderrama reprinted on a heavyweight sleeve with metallic inks, an exclusive sticker to the first pressing, a large 11″ x 22″ insert, and hand-stamped inner sleeve. LP includes digital download. Bandcamp

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