BENEDICTION – Organised Chaos – 2LP


death metal

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Coloured vinyl re-issue of “Organised Chaos” from old school death metallers Benediction!
“Organized Chaos” doesn’t have nearly as much darkness as previous albums, and makes an attempt on implementing various other genres like nu metal and metalcore. Dave Hunt, who was the new vocalist for this album, is one of the founding members of the progressive grindcore act Anaal Nathrakh (using the name V.I.T.R.I.O.L.). and the rock-solid death metal base that Benediction has always had, is still there. The headbanging parts have a lot of groove and none of the musicians lack any sort of skill or creativity. The drumming is good as always, the guitars are very deep and crunchy, the bass kills when you have your subs turned up, and the vocals have a powerful sound!

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