WET RECKLESS – First Five Songs – EP



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“Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a punk in Los Angeles in the early 80s? To hang out in an alley and huff glue with Darby Crash? To see Adolescents in a living room? Well you’re in luck! Los Angeles’ Wet Reckless has somehow captured the sound of that angst filled time and put it on 7 inches of vinyl for your listening pleasure. If you didn’t look at the release date you’d swear you were listening to a band on SST that fell through the cracks. Pounding your ears with the opening track ‘Tall Cans’ you get the sense that all these guys wanna do is party. And you’re right! ‘Rubber Cement’ and ‘My Bender’ are pretty self explanatory. The other two tracks don’t stray far from the familiar themes of 9-5 work weeks and hating society with ‘Weak Days’ and ‘Who Gives a Fuck?’ Limited to 500 copies so seriously pick up these 5 tracks of pure hardcore punk. Leather jacket and bad haircut not included.” REVIEW-Jarred Tibbetts

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