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If, as the folks with a taste for tinfoil hats would have us believe, we really are living in the final days and the end times are fast approaching, then I honestly couldn’t think of a finer, or more fitting, musical accompaniment to the oncoming apocalypse than this split release. Carved equally, with two tracks from each band, between the devastating Deviated Instinct meets Septic Death crustcore mayhem of War//Plague and crushing D-Beat infused high velocity punk rock of Warwound, this is the record that’ll be playing on Charon’s jukebox as he ferries each and every single one of us across the Styx to the Underworld.  Fast, loud and as brutal as the very worst tortures that Heronymus Bosch dragged from the depths of his fetid, warped imagination, Forlorn is the sort of record that makes little old ladies cry and normal folks run for cover. And it’s absolutely smashing…  Tim Cundle


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