RUINEBELL – Demise In Disgrace – EP


crust / metal

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Metalovější, špinavější verze nahrávek Amebix, Axegrinder.

Casewrapped ultraheavy gatefold / clear vinyl / limited to 500 copies

Being both hyper-active musicians who just can’t seem to be able to sit on their laurels and have done business with the label before, it seems almost logical that when Lasse Pyykkö (HOODED MENACE, CLAWS, PHLEGETHON, VACANT COFFIN etc.) and Dopi (MACHETAZO, DISHAMMER, DEADMASK etc.) decided to join forces for a whole new project, they’d choose DOOMENTIA to carry it. Expect that although it would have never been far too easy to once again dwell into the murky waters of old-school death-metal (a genre both men have learnt a long ago to fully master to its fullest), those proud soldiers of the underground decided instead to follow a quite unexpected path, born in a time of despair (that would be the 80’s for you) at a time when punk, thrash and crust were just learning about each other. RUINEBELL is the name of this new entity and Dopi gives us the low-down on how it all happened…

“It was Lasse who asked me about joining a new studio project he had in mind months ago. I already knew him from doing some record trading and mail along the years, so I knew something good was about to happen as we share a lot of musical tastes, especially some seminal influences that clearly appear in this couple of tracks he composed. The plan was to unleash some apocalyptic slow and dark crust, with a lot of metallic edges and even some old sinister English punk feeling to it. In all honestly, we had from the start in mind VOIVOD, AXEGRINDER or GODFLESH as soon as we started talking about this recording. And as soon as I listened to the awesome demo versions he sent me, I knew I was able to add exactly what we were talking about. So I recorded some minimalist drums in a very heavy and powerful way and destroyed my throat trying to puke hate on the microphone, like Lemmy or Cronos used to do back in their days of glory! Added to his precise guitar playing and thunderous bass, what we came up with is something we both are really proud of!”

Adorned with amazing artwork by Spanish artist Nor (MACHETAZO, NUNSLAUGHTER etc.), the result is a fantastic debut seven inches titled Demise In Disgrace, featuring two songs “Charcoal Emptiness” and “The Last Morrow Of Apathy” of “apocalyptic crust”. So as AMEBIX once famously said: “arrriiiiiisssse!”


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