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Two heavyweight old school grinders teams up for one killes split EP.

Fantastic new split 7″ from Kursk and Defeatist. This record is full-on, unrelenting, grinding hardcore. Kursk hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and are a new band for me to work with. Having already released a debut 7″ EP, these 2 tracks continue their rampage with sickening, brutal vocals, non-stop, propulsive drumming and twisted, off-kilter guitar lines. Brad, their drummer, was also a former member of Head Hits Concrete and their sound does make reference to other Canadian hardcore beasts (Uranus, One-Eyed God). Defeatist come storming out of the gates with their first release and drop 4 tracks of blistering grindcore. With members having formerly be in Kalibas and Anodyne, they only sacrifice the speed of their fury when transitioning into more deliberate and technical passages. Think the headfuck of Anodyne mixed with the brutality of early Napalm Death. This 7″ is an absolute rager.

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