KURNUGIA – Tribulations of the Abyss – EP


death metal

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BLOOD HARVEST is proud to present Tribulations of the Abyss, the debut vinyl release of Cleveland, Ohio’s KURNUGIA. Although Tribulations of the Abyss is their very first recording, KURNUGIA features two scene veterans in Duane Morris (ex-Manticore, Embalmer, Nunslaughter, Decrepit) and Chris Dora (Soulless, The Spawn of Satan; ex-Integrity, Ringworm, Bloodsick). Together, as a quartet, KURNUGIA create churning, vile death metal of a most early ’90s vintage, even on down to the classic Scott Burns-esque production. Tribulations of the Abyss is a sick ‘n’ succinct introduction to one of the most promising classicist DM bands of recent times. – (Nathan T. Birk) Bandcamp

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