GOD´S AMERICA – The Undeserving – EP


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My first experience with God’s America was when they organized Sete Star Sept’s gig in Las Vegas in 2012. They were rock solid, tight and powerful, and they were such lovely people, so they made an impression on me. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch them grow, develop their style and aesthetic, spend time touring with them, release their records, watching with excitement as they just continued to get better and better and attain more success for it.

And in 2016 with their Merge With the Infinite LP, I think God’s America fully realized their vision and hit a new level of quality. That record still ranks for me as one of the very best power violence/grindcore/fast hardcore records of the last few years, and upon hearing it I immediately called Andres and asked to do their next record.

…Which wound up taking some time to materialize, because of line-up changes. And it’s with great excitement that we release the first proper recordings of the new line-up, kicking off the next chapter of God’s America with 14 tracks of brutal power violence hardcore. Furious and fast-paced arrangements, crunchy guitars, heavy stick-in-the-mud bass, God’s America now takes a turn towards a more conventional power violence style but retain their own sonic personality and aesthetic to ensure the highest caliber of raging.

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