EXACERBACION – Desastre Humano – EP



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This record is a love-at-first-sight story.

I heard the recordings and I was instantly transported back in time to being 16 years old, depressed, angry, sitting in my parents’ basement alone listening to Cripple Bastards and IRF. I felt like I was hearing grindcore for the first time all over again. The emotion resonated with me at a deep level. As soon as I heard the record, I knew I wanted to help it see the light of day and get it into the hands of as many grinders as possible.

You may remember Exacerbacion from a slew of split tapes over the years (including a particularly good one with SPHC stalwarts Penis Geyser, this was my introduction to the band). On this EP, they produce their strongest material yet, fucking RAW grindcore that’s more song-oriented and with a better production than a lot of their material.

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