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Starý brazilský hardcore / punk a nahrávka z roku 87 – 88. Celkem 11 songů inspirovaných jak Discharge tak starou finskou vlnou Kaaos / Rattus. Rozhodně doporučuju fans ranných Ratos De Porao, Lobotomia nebo Armagedom (thrashově znějící kytara).

After almost 20 years this rare material is unearthed from 1987-’88 this great band, never released before. SKARNIO has a raw crossover sound similar to early RATOS DE PORAO, OLHO SECO, LOBOTOMIA and ARMAGEDOM. SKARNIO is a classic of Brazilian hardcore/punk of the 80’s, with much influence of Finnish hc/punk of the80’s as well. By the way this influenced band bands as FORCA MACABRA (that took the name from a similar song title of this band) and many others inside hc/punk world-wide. This CD includes unreleased stuff, rehearsal and two songs from compilation LP “Contra Ataque” 1987. Also interviews and photos, Very Recommended stuff!


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