NAZARENE DECOMPOSING – Demonic Inquisition – CD


black metal

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A Black Storm of Pure Unadulterated Evil is brewing in the German skies… and that Storm is NAZARENE DECOMPOSING! Not since the late 90’s masterworks of MARDUK has anyone been able to spew forth such a blast of Black Metal fury! The band’s first official debut comes in the ritual form of “Demonic Inqusition”, a ten track Black Mass to bring Jesus to his knees! From the heavy machine gun blast beats, to the Christcrushing guitar work, and vokills that scream into the night to summon the Unholy Hordes, NAZARENE DECOMPOSING leave no Christian without terror after unleashing the “Demonic Inquisition”! This is only the first phase of Satanic Victory! Be warned! NAZARENE DECOMPOSING perform the Satanic Gospels that frenzy the Demonic Legions! “Demonic Inquisition” is the Satanic Black Metal conjuration that will tear heaven apart!

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