MASHER – Destroy Music Now And Ever – 2CD


grind / noise

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A 2xCD discography of the legendary Brazilian grindcore/noisecore band Masher. Similar to Noise, this band has been going strong for longer than a lot of American punks have even been alive! They never had any vinyl output beyond a couple comp appearances (including one released by Filip from See You in Hell in 90’s!), most of their material were lo-fi tapes spread around tape trading circles and the collector circuit. Totally kvlt, necro, tr00 noisecore shit for all fanatics and people of fine taste.

This collection has EVERYTHING as far as I can tell. All the tapes, all the comps, all the live stuff, everything you’d ever want to hear or know about Masher. And trust me, you’d want to hear and know it all, band is great, is a minor classic to those in-the-know, and deserve some recognition for many years of making grindcore/noisecore of the highest quality.

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