HAPPY BASTARDS – Box of Hard Knocks – CD


hardcore / punk

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Nabroušený hardcore / punk s podmanivým ženským vokálem.

Eugene, Oregon is better known for hippies and environmental activists than it is for punk rock, but that does not mean it can’t also be home to a thriving underground punk movement too. Over the past couple of years, HAPPY BASTARDS have become well known as one of the local staples, playing with almost every touring DIY band that comes their way. They have also self-released a split LP with HUMAN CERTAINTY and did a brief tour out to Minneapolis for CLIT-Fest ’05. Musically they play fast and powerful hardcore punk and are fronted by the remarkable voice of (“The Anti-“) On these twelve new songs, the HAPPY BASTARDS defy their name, playing in-your-face andf aggressive tunes with a message of anger, fear and despair (summed up brilliantly in Marald’s cover art). Think of raspy female vocals similar to Mia Zapata from THE GITS played over an intense assault of thrashy but tuneful punk. Youtube

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