NÁRAMEK – Ornamental Birds


Šířka 20 mm. Délka 17 cm
ručně zpracovaná mosaz
dovoz z Irska

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Irish handcrafted Celtic birds bangle.

Celtic birds bracelet handmade in Beara, West Cork, Ireland by Paul Connolly.
Celtic birds as interlacing ornaments. From the Book of Kells.

We assume they are cranes, as cranes have a remarkable position in Celtic lore. The crane is believed to be the messenger of the gods and to have a high degree of wisdom.

The crane represents higher states of consciousness.

Cranes avoid direct confrontation whenever possible, and exhibit a complex array of threatening behaviours when necessary to prevent battles.

Thus, they are symbolic of peace keeping.

A wisdom symbol, a peace keeping symbol and a higher state of consciousness symbol.

Suitable Irish gift for men or ladies.
Highly polished Celtic bangle from Ireland.
The dark contrasting hue of the etched Celtic design compliments the craftsmanship of this beautiful piece of Celtic jewellery from Ireland.

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